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Mediation in criminal and civil cases

– Is voluntary and free-of-charge
– Is impartial and confidential
– Is based on the Mediation Act (1015/2005)

In mediation, the parties involved meet face-to-face to discuss the harm caused by a crime or a civil case.

The goal is to help the parties to find mutually satisfying solutions and means to compensate
for any harm caused by the events.

Usually mediation cases involve violent offences, property offences or different kinds of civil cases.

Mediation can be attended by a guardian, a legal representative and an interpreter.

It is possible to have an assistant or a support person during mediation.

Mediation is subject to consent from all parties involved. Consent is required even from minors and their guardians or, if necessary, their legal representatives.

Mediation can be requested

– by any party involved in a criminal or civil case
– by a guardian or a legal representative
– by the police or other authority
– in domestic violence cases, only the police can
initiate mediation.

A mediation request is submitted to the mediation office. The professionals
at the mediation office assess wether the case is suitable for mediation and
give advice on all details. In domestic violence cases, only the police or a prosecutor
can initiate mediation.

Mediation step by step

The mediation office gets in touch with the parties involved and informs them of
– mediation and its significance
– the status of different parties in the mediation
– support services during and after mediation

If mediation is initiated, the mediator manager arrange meetings with the
parties involved.
The parties are active in the discussion. Events are discussed constructively and
enabling the parties to listen to each other.
If conciliation is reached, the parties sign an agreement, wich is authenticated by the mediators.

After mediation

Damage and harm caused by the events can be redressed with the means settled by the parties.
The mediation office follows up compliance with the agreement and, where necessary, gives the parties
advice on how to pay or recieve the agreed compensations.

A successful mediation can result in suspended legal proceedings, or the mediation results can be taken
into account when determining the pontential punishment.

Mediation gives the opportunity to

– discuss what has happened
– be heard
– deal with what has happened and the emotions involved
– take responsibility for any damage one has incurred
– agree on compensation for possible damages
– alleviate harm caused by a crime or a civil case
– process and get over what has happened
– speed up the criminal or civil proceeding
– have an impact on further proceedings

Here is a link to further information on mediation in Finland in English.

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